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3 Ways to Fix VLC Subtitle Delay Across Devices and Get Smooth Playback

author Jess Parry Mar 01, 2024 Category Video

VLC remains most people's choice for playing media files across platforms. Its strong compatibility makes watching videos on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac devices easy. The subtitle feature in VLC Media Player enables you to enjoy shows or movies from different countries. When adding the subtitles, there is a subtitle delay in VLC sometimes. The out-of-sync problem can really drive people mad and cause a terrible watching experience. Fortunately, it is simple to solve. With some help and explanation, you can adjust the subtitle speed flexibly in VLC on every device. Continue browsing for the solutions for every device.

Fix VLC Subtitles Delay

Guide List

Part 1. How to Fix VLC Subtitles Delay [Windows & Mac]

Usually, media players would sync the subtitle and video correctly. If your VLC fails to do so and makes subtitle delay or faster, you can manually adjust the subtitle timing in VLC Media Player. There are several ways to do so. You can use the keyboard shortcut if you are watching on the computer. Alternatively, you can go to the setting to precisely control the synchronization.

Use Hotkeys to Fix VLC Subtitle Delay on PC & Mac

Windows and Mac VLC players have different hotkeys for controlling VLC subtitle delay. You can find the corresponding hotkeys in the Preference window.

On Windows: Press the G key if the VLC subtitle is behind the audio track. The subtitle track will speed up by 50ms.

If the subtitle is ahead of the video sound, you can press the H key to delay the subtitle in VLC.

VLC Subtitle Delay Kotkeys on Windows

On Mac: The hotkeys are slightly different. To adjust the subtitle delay in VLC to make it slower, press the J key on your Mac.

If you want to speed up the subtitle, press the G key. After pressing the keys, the subtitle will speed up or slow down by 50ms in VLC.

VLC Subtitle Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

How to Speed up or Delay Subtitles in VLC Precisely [PC & Mac]

Sometimes, your subtitle in VLC might not fall behind the audio dramatically, and you need to control the timing more precisely. 50ms can be too long for you. In this case, you can go to the Adjustments and Effects window to sync the subtitle.


Step 1Stop your video in VLC and click the Tools button above. Choose Track Synchronization to open the Adjustment and Effects window.

Track Synchronization in VLC

Alternatively, you can click the Show Extended Settings button below to open the window.

Show Extended Settings Button

Step 2In the Synchronization tab, find Subtitle track synchronization. Click the up arrow to slow down the subtitle. Click the down arrow to speed it up by 0.1s.

Subtitle Track Synchronization Precise Control VLC Windows


Step 1After opening a video in VLC on the Mac, click the Window button on the menu bar after stopping the playback in VLC. Select the Track Synchronization option.

Track Synchronization in the Window Dropdown Option VLC Mac

Step 2There will be a pop-up. Subtitle track synchronization is the Subtitles/Video section. Use the up arrow to delay the subtitle in VLC by 0.1s. Click the down arrow to speed the subtitle up by 0.1s.

Subtitle Track Synchronization Button in VLC Mac

Part 2. Sync Subtitles in VLC on Mobile [iPhone & Android]

Even if the subtitle delay happens in VLC when watching movies on the computer, it is convenient to use the hotkeys in VLC to sync the subtitles. Although there is no shortcut to adjust the subtitle in VLC on mobile phones, the simple interface still allows you to navigate to the buttons you need quickly. Here are the steps to sync your subtitles on Android and iPhone.

How to Sync Subtitles in VLC [Android]

Step 1Tap the subtitle icon after opening your video in VLC on Android and loading the subtitle.

Subtitle Icon in VLC Android

Step 2Tap the Subtitle Delay button on the right.

Subtitle Delay Button VLC Android

Step 3The down and up arrows will appear on the right. Tap the up arrow to add the subtitle speed. If your subtitle is behind the audio, tap the up arrow to speed it up.

Adjust Subtitle Delay in VLC Android

How to Adjust Subtitle Timing in VLC [iPhone]

Step 1Open VLC on your iPhone, play the video, and load your subtitle. Tap the clock icon on the left corner below.

Step 2Then, you will see the Subtitles delay option. Move the slider to the right if the subtitle is ahead of the sound. Otherwise, move the slider to the left to decrease the subtitle delay.

How to Fix Subtitle Delay in VLC iPhone

Part 3. Add Subtitles to the Video Forever to Avoid VLC Subtitle Delay

Subtitle delay in VLC might happen because you are using an external subtitle file. Sometimes, it is hard to adjust the subtitles to the right speed. One of the best ways to quickly get rid of this issue is to embed your external subtitle to the movie you are about to watch permanently. There are many online tools that allow you to do this without downloading extra software. Clideo is among them and streamlines your task. Below are short steps you can refer to use it to fix the subtitle delay in VLC.

Step 1Visit Clideo's official site and find Add Subtitles from the Tools drop-down menu.

Step 2Click Choose File to import a video. Clideo will soon start processing it.

Upload Video to Clideo Add Subtitle

Step 3Next, upload an SRT subtitle file to it. After that, you can edit the subtitle duration, text, font, etc.

Upload SRT

Step 4Once you are done with the editing, embed the subtitle to your video, and click Export to save the video.

Part 4. Switch to VLC Alternative Player and Watch the Movie with a Normal Subtitle

Why bother spending time fixing the subtitle delay in VLC while another stable choice is near the corner? Blu-ray Player offers stable performance for films, Blu-rays, and DVD playback, along with any kind of subtitles. When the VLC is not working well with your subtitle, this player is your backup option. Supporting over 200 formats, the player handles all popular video codecs well. It also supports the latest HEVC codec, DTS sound, and Dolby Vision technology, making your movie night easier and more perfect.

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Improved interface with upgraded efficiency.

If you want to know more about players, here we offer unbiased reviews about various players, and you will surely find the most suitable one.

Part 5. FAQs about VLC Subtitle Delay


Next time, when the subtitles are delayed in your VLC Media Player, try the first two solutions above to sync subtitles in VLC and enjoy smooth playback without hassle. Meanwhile, if you want to avoid and solve this issue permanently, use the third solution and embed the subtitle into your video forever with the online editor. Then, you can rest assured and not have to sync the subtitle every time you watch in the VLC player. Alternatively, you can also have a try with the alternative Blu-ray Player here to get rid of the subtitle delay issue.

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