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Jess Parry

Jess Parry Senior Editor & Problem Solver


With a deep passion for writing, Jess is a professional writer in Blu-ray Software and mainly deals with problems associated with Blu-ray technologies. Before joining the Blu-ray Software team, he writes columns and reviews for magazines regarding Blu-ray technology. Jess has been on this team for over 5 years and has contributed to many resourceful articles.


Jess started writing technical posts at university, which were intended to share his tips and experiences in Blu-ray playback and adjustment. Since then, he decided to further this interest by making it a career and becoming a freelancer columnist for different magazines. So, he always gets insights for fixing Blu-ray issues like Blu-ray ripping or playback due to his extensive writing in earlier years.


Interested in old-fashioned Blu-ray discs, Jess specializes in writing solutions for Blu-rays, which cover Blu-ray playback, ripping, burning, and backup. These have also taken up a large proportion of his articles.