Review on Ripping Blu-ray to MOV

As we know that the video format MOV can be accepted defaultedly by Apple QuickTimePlayer. How to choose the better Blu-ray Ripper when we want to rip blu-ray movies to enjoy on our Apple QuickTimePlayer, the following article may be good suggestion.

There are so many Blu-ray Rippers in the software market, the problem is that which one is better for us to rip our favorite blu-ray movies to MOV format and enjoy them on our Apple QuickTimePlayer? As a result, I tested nearly each of them and finally wrote this review to show my own opinion about the 4 Blu-ray rippers summarized by myself. Hope it will be helpful to you, and any comment and criticism are appreciated. Now, let's have a look at the comparison results of the 4 BD rippers one by one together.

When ripping blu-ray movies to MOV video format, the first thing we need to do is to free download a Blu-ray Ripper. Blu-ray Ripper is a best choice because of its smaller downloading size.
The following step is to Load Blu-ray. The reading speed of Blu-ray Ripper for a Blu-ray movie is less than one second. But the above three blu ray rippers will take users more than 2 minutes to read, much slower than Blu-ray Ripper.

Talking about the output quality, Blu-ray Ripper can give you the best picture quality and high sound quality. otherwise, the other three blu-ray rippers may occur the picture and sound sync and the picture and sound quality is lower than Blu-ray Ripper.

I get the conlusion that Blu-ray Ripper satisfy the users' request and be your best choice to rip blu-ray to MOV to play on your Apple QuickTimePlayer.

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