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What to Do with Old DVDs Effective Ways to Do With the Used Home DVDs

author Mabel Wolfe Dec 01, 2023 Category DVD

Suppose you are one among Generation Y who were born in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, and you have a collection of DVDs and CDs at home. If that’s the case, you probably wonder what to do with old DVDs since both DVDs and CDs have been obsolete years ago. Fortunately, this article has broken down effective methods of disposal into four categories: recycling, reselling, donating, and extracting. Thus, after reading this post, you can easily clear those movie tracks from your unwanted DVDs and CDs out of the closet without polluting our planet with the process. So, without further adieu, continue reading the content below to learn more about the disposal process.

What to Do with Old DVD Collection

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Part 1. Are Old DVDs Worth Anything?

The worth of the old DVDs varies significantly based on multiple factors, although they can have some value. Note that the primary components of the value of DVDs include the condition, rarity, demand, and specific title of the content. Furthermore, rare DVDs, especially those with a history, may be more valuable to collectors. Also, the condition of the DVD, such as its state and the packaging quality, greatly affects its value. DVDs from significant moments in film history can fetch higher prices, such as limited edition releases and special packaging.

However, the demand for DVDs has already fluctuated over time, so it can be essential to stay up-to-date with the current market. To bank on that, you must also remember that the majority of DVDs do not have substantial monetary value, and the old DVD market is not as powerful as it was due to digital media and streaming. Hence, if you believe that the DVDs you have are valuable, then it would be best to research or consult expert collectors for their current market value.

Part 2. What to Do with the Used DVDs

1. Sell the Old DVDs

If you have a collection of old DVDs on your shelves, it might be time to consider selling them as one of the practical solutions to dispose of them. If your DVD Player is broken or not working and you are not considering replacing it, it is also a good idea to sell the DVDs. See, it will always be best to earn extra cash while decluttering your used or old DVDs in your living space. Meanwhile, due to digital streaming services, many people want to downsize their physical media collections, and selling their physical DVDs may not be the only great way to free up space. Still, it can also help them make room for more current and relevant entertainment options.

Thus, with your classic movies, TV series, or special edition sets, there's often a market for pre-owned DVDs. As a matter of fact, you can sell them through local classifieds, online marketplaces, or even to specialized DVD retailers, which are the best places to sell used DVDs. Moreover, it's a win-win situation if you get rid of clutter and make some money while others who bought the DVDs enjoy the films you've already experienced. So, consider giving your old DVDs a second life and a second owner by finding them a new home while putting some money in your pocket.

2. Recycle Them/ Turn Broken DVDs Into Decorations

Next, you can be creative to dispose of old CDs and DVDs. How? By turning the scratched DVDs into unique decorations for your home. This is an eco-friendly way to give them new life. One of the popular ideas is to create a unique, stunning, and eye-catching mosaic by arranging the broken parts of the disc on various surfaces like picture frames and even tabletops. Furthermore, the reflective quality of the DVDs can add a touch of elegance to your decor. Another option is to use the discs to craft colorful and beautiful mobiles or sun catchers that reflect caught light and actually create mesmerizing patterns. This method of DVD decluttering will not only let you reduce waste but also add a touch of personal style and environmental consciousness to your home.

Old DVDs Decoration

3. Donate Used DVDs

If you have a heart for charity, then this method is the one for you. Donating your old DVDs is a wonderful way to make a positive impact on your community while giving a new home to your cherished films and videos. Many charities and organizations welcome DVD donations, whether they are outgrown or duplicated. After all, old DVDs can still provide entertainment and comfort to the needy, such as the residents in nursing homes, patients in hospitals, or troops stationed overseas. Additionally, youth centers, schools, and libraries also appreciate DVD donations to enhance their recreational and educational resources. Thus, when you donate your old DVDs, you share the joy of storytelling with others and contribute to a more connected and vibrant community while decluttering your space.

4. Digitize DVDs for Portability

If you still want to keep your movies from DVDs, then choose to rip old DVDs. How? You can rip them as the modern way of preserving them. That being said, use the DVD Ripper of Blu-raySoftware, the software designed to extract the contents of old DVDs into digital media format for easy sharing, storage, and playback on various devices. If you wonder what output format you can use in ripping, well, then you can use hundreds of video format choices!

Furthermore, it has a relatively straightforward process of ripping old DVDs, which is significantly helpful for beginners. One of the best reasons to choose this DVD Creator is that it is infused with powerful tools that make the software multifunctional. The tools include a video compressor, GIF maker, video enhancer, 3D maker, media metadata editor, and many more.

DVD Ripper
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How to Rip Old DVDs

Step 1Insert the DVD on your PC’s disc drive, and launch the software after installing it. Next is to load the disc content by clicking the Plus button.

Rip Old DVDs Load

Step 2Then, click the Rip All To arrow button to choose your desired output format.

Rip Old DVDs Select Format

Step 3To start ripping, click the Rip All button.

Rip Old DVDs Rip

Part 3. FAQs about DVD Disposal


You have just learned what to do with old DVDs. The methods of disposing of them depend on your heart. If you want to earn, sell them. If you have a good heart for charity, donate them. If you are creative, recycle them. But do not forget to rip them with the DVD Ripper to keep them stored on your device.

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