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Can PS5 Play DVD Movies: A Complete How-To Instructions

author Mabel Wolfe Nov 24, 2023 Category Play DVD

The PlayStation 5, also known as PS5, is a highly anticipated gaming hardware known for its exceptional gaming experiences and cutting-edge technology. As you know, it's purposely designed for playing video games. However, many users, not only you, wonder if the PS5 is a DVD player. For that reason, this article was written to provide you with a medium where you can explore whether your PS5 can play your favorite movies on DVDs. In addition, there are also available steps for those who are looking to enjoy their DVD collections on this advanced gaming system. So, without further dues, let’s get this ball rolling by reading the content below.

Can PS5 Play DVD

Guide List

Part 1. Can PS5 Play DVDs?

If you're wondering whether you can use DVDs with your PS5, the answer is yes. You can indeed use your PS5 with DVDs if you use the standard version. This standard version of PS5 is equipped with a built-in Blu-ray player that is also capable of DVD playback without the need for a separate player. However, unlike the other powerful DVD players out there, you must remember that the PS5 hardly recognizes DVD region codes. This means that you may encounter some compatibility or accessibility issues. So, can PS5 play Region 2 DVD? It will depend on the region code your PS5 supports.

Furthermore, the said console lacks support for DVD upscaling. Hence, the picture quality may not be as good, unlike the ones from a dedicated DVD player. Nevertheless, if you're interested in playing DVDs, your PS5 is a convenient and viable way without switching between multiple players and devices. Meanwhile, if you have a bunch of Blu-ray collections, you can also use PS5 to play Blu-ray movies. But you cannot play 4K discs in your PS5 consoles.

Part 2. How to Play DVDs on PS5

This part applies only to those who are using the standard PS5, which comes with an in-built disc drive that also caters to DVDs. Hence, if you are using the digital version, you can skip this and proceed to the next part. Thus, here are the steps on how to play DVD on PS5.

Step 1Turn on your PlayStation 5 and connect to your TV screen or any monitor you want to use.

Step 2Gently insert the DVD into the disc drive of your PS5. You must see the drive on the front of the console. Once inserted, your PS5 will automatically recognize it. Then, a display of the movie or content title will be visible.

Step 3While the DVD is in play, you can use the DualSense wireless controller to control playback such as play, pause, fast forward, rewind, and many more by using your game controller.

Step 4After you finish watching the movie or content, you can remove the disc by pressing the eject button on the front of your PS5.

Play DVDs on PS5

Below are more tips about DVD discs and playback.

Part 3. How to Play DVD Movies on PS5 Digital Edition

If the PS5 won't play DVD, then it might be a digital version. That said, you must digitize your DVD movies first, save them on your flash drive, and then connect it to your PS5 to play the movies. In that case, get yourself the best software to digitize your DVDs without damaging their quality, get yourself the DVD Ripper of Blu-raySoftware. This program is a versatile and user-friendly software that caters for extracting content from DVDs and making them digital. Furthermore, it offers a vast range of features that make it a beneficial tool for individuals who want to play their DVD movies on different devices by converting them to different formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, and 500 more while extracting their audio tracks in formats such as MP3 or AAC.

If you are unsure your PS5 can play a Region 2 DVD, then with this DVD Ripper of Blu-raySfotware, you can easily rip your DVDs with various regions. This extractor also provides customization options that let users adjust settings for video and audio, select specific segments or chapters, apply various editing effects, and add subtitles. Moreover, it supports various device compatibility, such as tablets, gaming consoles, smartphones, and more! Overall, DVD Ripper is an efficient and powerful solution for digitizing your DVD collections while offering you an easy-to-master procedure even in your novice state.

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How to Digitalize DVDs and Play Them on PS5

Step 1Download the DVD Ripper on your computer, and place the DVD into the optical drive as well. During the installation process, you can also connect the flash drive where you want to save the ripped DVDs.

Step 2Launch the ripper, and hit the Plus button to load the DVD. You may also set the file destination to your flash drive by going to the Save To section.

Digitize DVD Load

Step 3Once the DVD is loaded, go to the Rip All To section and choose your preferred digital format output.

Digitize DVD Set Output

Step 4Now hit the Rip All button and eject the flash drive to connect it to your PS5. Next is to navigate to the main menu of your PS5 and look for the media gallery to see the movie from the USB to play.

Digitize DVD Rip All

Part 4. Why Won’t PS5 Play DVDs

Some of the reasons why PS5 won’t play DVDs is due to hardware limitations including region codes. The disc-less or digital edition of PS5 was designed primarily as a gaming console and multimedia device emphasizing streaming services and digital downloads over physical media playback. This edition doesn't have the necessary DVD drive to read and playback DVDs. Thus, you who are seeking to play DVDs on your gaming console would need to consider other devices if you have the digital edition.

Part 5. FAQs About PS5 Playing DVDs


This article gives you the answer to the question, can PS5 play DVD? You must know the kind of PS5 you use for playing DVDs because if you use the digital edition, then you will need the help of DVD Ripper of Blu-raySoftware and follow the steps provided in part 3.