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Unearthing The Mule: Blu-ray Release Date, Reviews, and More

author Jess Parry Aug 11, 2023 Category Movie

The movie The Mule has a timeless appeal that continues to engage audiences globally, even though it was released a while back. For movie lovers, the Blu-ray version of the film is worth mentioning and collecting. In this article, we will delve into the journey of the film from the big screen to Blu-ray. All things will be unveiled here, including the release date of the Blu-ray version, the captivating plot, and The Mule's Blu-ray version review.

The Mule Blu-ray Release Date

Guide List

Part 1. The Mule Blu-ray Release Date Unveiled

The Mule fans were overjoyed when Warner Bros. revealed The Mule's Blu-ray release date of April 2nd, 2019. Warner Bros., which is known for taking careful care in delivering the cinema-level film to home viewers, has priced the Blu-ray disc reasonably (around $10), bringing this cinematic experience to a wider audience.

The release caused substantial debate among movie fans, who complimented the Blu-ray version's improved quality and added features. Expectations were high as fans eagerly awaited the opportunity to relive The Mule's thrilling narrative and spectacular cinematography from their homes.

The Mule Blu-ray English and Japanese

Part 2. The Mule Plot: A Riveting Crime Drama

The Mule is directed and starring Clint Eastwood. The film is a criminal drama based on the real-life story of a World War II veteran called Leo Sharp, who turned drug courier for a Mexican cartel.

The film successfully balances great tension with human drama, exploring family, guilt, and redemption themes.

Eastwood's compelling performance as Earl Stone, the movie’s protagonist, adds depth and nuance to the riveting plot. The film’s theatrical release was acclaimed for its storytelling and Eastwood's excellent performance.

The Mule Trailer from Warner Bros

Part 3. A Brief Review of The Mule Blu-ray Version

The Blu-ray version of The Mule is a testament to how home viewing can be a cinematic experience. The high-definition visuals are crisp, maintaining the film's impressive cinematography. The Mule's Blu-ray version is encoded with MPEG-4 AVC and offers DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 sound. The Blu-ray also comes with various audio tracks in different languages, including English, French, and Spanish. The corresponding subtitles are also embedded in the disc.

Moreover, the Blu-ray version of The Mule also offers an extra behind-the-scenes video track called The Making of The Mule: Nobody Runs Forever. This video track also contains comments from Clint Eastwood (Director/Producer/Star) and other producers and staff who make a big contribution to the filmmaking. Another special feature in the Blu-ray version is an interview with the director, Clint Eastwood.

It is also worth mentioning that The Mule's audio in Blu-ray and 4K versions is the same, 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. All the dialogues and speeches in the film are well rendered in the Blu-ray version. To fully enjoy the excellent audiovisual quality, a 4K TV or monitor is essential. If you want to watch the movie on the computer, VLC can also play the Blu-ray disc and supports 5.1 DTS audio tracks, and offers menu control.

Bonus Tip: Top 1 Blu-ray Player with Immersive Playback.

The devices and tools used for playing the movie can greatly affect your watching experience. If you do not have a high-definition TV at home, your laptop also works. To get a fully immersive experience when watching The Mule on your computer, Blu-ray Software recommends using Blu-ray Player to play the film. It supports up to 4K viewing experience and offers native support for DTS and Dolby Vision sound technologies. It also allows you to control and navigate the Blu-ray menu fully. The convenient hotkeys allow you to switch audio tracks, subtitle files, and chapters.

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Part 4. FAQs about The Mule


Although The Mule's Blu-ray release date has long passed, the film remains a classic worth purchasing and collecting. The plot of The Mule is exciting and dramatic, and to fully enjoy this excitement, a great player program is important. So now is the time to try out the Blu-ray player and make your home viewing experience as entertaining as possible. Immerse yourself in the intense world of The Mule and download the player here for free.

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