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When Should You Reset Your Blu-ray Players and How to Achieve It

author Jess Parry Feb 02, 2024 Category Play Blu-ray

You might find a frozen Blu-ray player when you want to watch Blu-ray movies. It is frustrating, isn't it? But if you know how to reset a Blu-ray player, Then that's not a problem. In this article, you will see the differences between factory reset and hard reset and the steps to do it.

How to Reset Blu-ray Player

Guide List

Part 1. Factory Reset Vs. Hard Reset

Factory Reset

A factory reset can restore an electronic device to its factory settings fully by erasing all data, settings, and applications. If you factory reset your electronic devices, you have to reinstall the software you need. So, be cautious about factory resetting your devices, which removes all data in your devices.

If you want to upgrade your firmware or face generic problems like freezing or crashing, then a factory reset might be your first choice. It can erase all data, including corrupted data or the wrong settings, to make your device function properly.

Hard Reset

A hardware reset, also known as a hard reset, re-initializes all the hardware components of the system, terminating all software operations in the system. Hard reset updates the hardware to the latest version and clears all the memory related to the hardware. It only works on hardware, not the entire system.

If you have a bug on your Blu-ray player or it is not functioning properly, you'd better hard reset your player. After the hard reset, you can restart the application normally.


All in all, factory reset and hard reset can erase the data stored in your devices, but there are some differences. Factory reset reboots the entire system, while hard reset only reboots the hardware. The former resets the entire system into its initial state, and the latter puts as many settings as possible back to their initial form.

Part 2. How to Reset Frozen Blu-ray Player

We've introduced you to two different types of resetting your device. When you face freezing issues using your Blu-ray player, you can unplug the power, reconnect the player, and turn it on. After launching, reset your player to factory settings. But how to reset a Blu-ray player? I'll tell you how to reset your players in the following context.

Sony Blu-ray player

How to factory reset a Sony Blu-ray player

Step 1Press and hold the Home button on your remote control.

Step 2Select Setup and Resetting, then select Reset to Factory Defaults Settings.

Step 3Select All Settings and Start, and then you'll see the Close on your screen.

Step 4Restart your device, and you'll find your Blu-ray player operating normally.

How to hard reset a Sony Blu-ray player

Step 1Turn on the player and press the Connect and Eject button at the same time until the Eject button blinks a continuous yellow light.

Step 2After seeing the yellow light from the Eject button, release the two buttons, and your Blu-ray player will begin to restart.

Step 3Press the Eject button again until you see the yellow light blink frequently, which means your hard reset is completed.

Panasonic Blu-Ray player

How to factory reset a Panasonic Blu-Ray player

Step 1Turn on the player and select Settings.

Step 2Select Device Preferences and click Reset on the screen.

Step 3Select Reset again, and select Erase Everything.

How to hard reset a Panasonic Blu-Ray player

Step 1Turn on the player, press and hold the OK and Y buttons on the remote control simultaneously until the word “00rEt” appears on the display.

Step 2Press Power continuously until you see the word “08FIn”.

Step 3Press the OK button on the remote control for a while. Here, the resetting process is completed.

LG Blu-ray player

How to factory reset an LG Blu-ray player

Step 1Press the Home button on the remote control and select Settings.

Step 2Click Others and click Initialize.

Step 3Then select Factory Set.

How to hard reset an LG Blu-ray player

Step 1Press and hold the Power button until the power is off.

Step 2Unplug the player for a while and turn it on.

Step 3After you turn it on, click the Reboot button on the screen. The resetting process is done.

Samsung Blu-ray player

How to factory reset a Samsung Blu-ray player

Step 1Press the Eject button to remove the Blu-ray disc, and close the disc tray.

Step 2Press the FF button on the Blu-ray player for several seconds until the word “Reset” appears on the screen.

Step 3Click the Reset on the screen, and wait for the player to turn off. Then, turn on your player, and you'll find it restored to its original settings.

How to hard reset a Samsung Blu-ray player

Step 1Make sure there's no disc in the player. Then, press and hold the Stop button on the player.

Step 2Waiting for several seconds, you'll see the words “Resetting all settings to default values.”

Step 3Click the words, and you'll successfully reset your player after a while.

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Part 3. FAQs about How to Reset the Blu-ray Player


In this article, I've shown you the difference between factory reset and hard reset and the steps about how to reset a Blu-ray player. Sometimes, different types of Blu-ray players may need different steps to reset. You might have to adjust your steps according to specific conditions. Now, if you are suffering from a frozen issue, why not try to reset your player?

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