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How to Rip My Blu-ray Movies to iPhone [All Generations Suitable]

author Jess Parry Jun 13, 2023 Category Rip Blu-ray

Traditional ways of watching Blu-ray movies at home with a Blu-ray player allow movie lovers to enjoy high-definition movies without going to the theater. But they lack convenience, and your iPhone can make it up. Once you rip the Blu-ray to an iPhone-compatible format, you can transfer the movie to your phone or other iOS devices like iPad. Then, you can enjoy the film, even during the trip and on the bus, taxi, or plane. To find the most perfect and compatible format for all iPhones, here is your ultimate method for conversion.

Blu-ray to iPhone

Part 1: Rip My Blu-ray Movies to iPhone [iPhone 4 to 14]

There are many suitable video formats for iPhone. It generally supports playing files of H.264 and MPEG-4 with AAC audio in various formats, including MP4, MOV, and M4V. M-JPEG file with stereo audio in AVI format is also playable on iPhone. These work for all iPhone generations, even using the old iPhone 4. However, figuring out the best format will take a long time since you will need more details and learn the differences to compare the formats.

Therefore, let’s leave this work to the convenient ripping tool, Blu-ray Ripper, picked by Blu-ray Software. This ripping software will help you determine the formats, bitrate, codecs, etc. You just need to click to choose the suitable iPhone device in it. With the device presets, you can easily choose a suitable format for iPhone 14, 13, 11, or earlier SE. Although you cannot directly choose an iPhone 4 preset, you can customize the existing device preset and create a new one. Then, the tool becomes a Blu-ray to iPhone 4 ripper.

Follow the Windows instruction below to convert the Blu-ray with the ripping tool. The steps also work for Mac users.

Blu-ray to iPhone Ripper
Blu-ray to iPhone Ripper

Offer iPhone presets covering from iPhone SE to the latest 14 Pro.

Customize an iPhone preset for different resolutions, bitrate, etc.

Create animated GIF images out of the Blu-ray movie.

Edit, crop, rotate the video, and add extra audio/subtitle tracks.

4 Steps to Convert Blu-ray for iPhone Playback

Step 1Launch the Ripper to Load Blu-ray

Download this Blu-ray to iPhone ripper for free and connect the drive to the computer. Insert the disc into the Blu-ray drive. Launch the ripper directly after installation.

Click the Load Blu-ray dropdown button on the main interface. Choose the disc from Load Blu-ray Disc.

Select the Blu-ray from Load Blu-ray Disc

Step 2Select an iPhone Format Preset

Click the Output Format button. Navigate to the Device tab and choose Apple. Select an iPhone model on the right. If you want to change the encoder, click the Custom Profile button.

Select an iPhone Preset

Step 3Browse for A Destination Folder

Next, click the Browse and Select Folder button from the Save to dropdown option. Then, choose or create a folder in the pop-up as the destination folder. Click the Select Folder button to confirm.

Browse and Select Folder Button from Save to

Step 4Rip Blu-ray to the iPhone Format

Start converting the Blu-ray by clicking the Rip All button in the corner. After that, you can see the ripping progress in the file list. The destination folder will appear once the ripping finishes.

Rip All Blu-ray to iPhone Screenshot

Transfer the Video to iPhone via iCloud and iTunes

After the ripping succeeds, it’s time to transfer the Blu-ray movie to your iPhone to watch it. There are many transferring tools you can use. iTunes and iCloud are among them. Most importantly, they work both on Windows and Mac. Prepare the latest iTunes and your iCloud account on the computer before following the steps.


Step 1Install the latest iTunes on your computer. Connect the iPhone to your computer.

Step 2You will see a device icon in iTunes. Click it to continue.

Step 3Choose File Sharing and find an app on the right that can play your Blu-ray movie.

Step 4Drag the video to the file list of that app. iTunes automatically syncs it to your iPhone.

iTunes Copying Video to iPhone App Screenshot


Step 1Open a browser on your computer and go to the iCloud website. Log in with the iCloud account on your iPhone.

Sign In to iCloud Online Screenshot

Step 2Double-click the Photos icon to open it. You will see the photos and videos on the iPhone.

The Photos App in iCloud

Step 3Locate the video you just ripped from Blu-ray. Drag it to the iCloud Photos in the browser.

Drage the Video to iCloud Photos Online

Then, your video will be uploaded to the iCloud, which will sync the video to your iPhone. You can find the video in Photos on your iPhone.

Part 2: [Recommended] Blu-ray Player App on iPhone: VLC

Looking for a player that can play all Blu-ray movies and media files on iPhone? VLC is the choice. Supporting almost all video/audio formats, Blu-rays, and DVDs, the VLC Media Player is undoubtedly one of the best free players for iPhone. You can even transfer files across devices with this Blu-ray player app on iPhone. The built-in Network feature allows users to transfer videos or images from PC/Mac to iPhone wirelessly. This feature can surely help send your ripped Blu-ray movie from the computer to your iPhone quickly. Then, you can play Blu-ray with VLC on your iPhone with ease.

VLC Media Player on iPhone
  • Free and open-source video/audio player.
  • Import subtitles with full SSA compatibility.
  • Built-in Chromecast control support.
  • Collaborates with Dropbox, OneDrive, and more for synchronizations.

Part 3: FAQs about Blu-ray to iPhone


Although you cannot connect an external Blu-ray drive to the iPhone, you can rip the Blu-ray movies to the iPhone. Enjoy Blu-rays on iPhone will no longer be troublesome. Besides, the transferring tips in the article also work for transferring other files (images, documents, etc.) from a computer to iPhone. Share the steps with others who also want to watch a Blu-ray movie on an iPhone and get a free download of the ripping software to help.

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