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Does Hulu Have Offline Viewing? Get All Answers and Tricks Here

Hulu is a streaming service available only in the US, offering access to enormous TV shows, movies, and more. One of the biggest common downsides of online streaming is that the internet connection can greatly affect your audiovisual experience. Therefore, you might want to get Hulu offline viewing for uninterrupted playback. All you need is a subscription plan and a simple tap on the download icon. In addition to the simple download instructions, we also offer you more downloading tips, including the download limits on Hulu. Read on to see all the tips.

How to Watch Hulu Offline

Guide List

Part 1. Get Uninterrupted Hulu Offline Viewing with No Ads Plan

Currently, only US members have access to the Hulu streaming service and subscribe to its plans. There are three plans available now on Hulu, and some might wonder ”can you watch Hulu offline with a Live TV plan?” No, you cannot. Based on the description given on Hulu's official site, the No Ads plan is the only way to access the download feature.

Hulu Subscription Plans

Once you have subscribed to that specific plan, you're all set, and below are the steps for you to download titles and watch Hulu offline on mobile and tablet.

Download Hulu for Offline Playback

Step 1Open your Hulu app and log in with your account. Ensure that you have subscribed to the No Ads plan.

Step 2You can download content from Downloadable. Tap the title you want to download to see the details. Then, tap the Download button.

Step 3Alternatively, if your favorite show is downloadable, tap the Download button next to the title to save it offline.

Download Hulu to Watch Offline on iPhone

Where to Find the Downloaded Titles and How to Manage Them

You can check your titles offline from Downloads and delete, renew, and play the titles as you like. The following guide shows the steps on how to watch Hulu offline.

Step 1Once you've downloaded the title, go to Downloads.

Step 2Tap the title to play.

Step 3After viewing Hulu offline, you can delete the title by tapping the checkmark and selecting Delete Download.

Delete the Downloaded Hulu Title

How to Adjust Download Quality on Hulu for Higher Quality

Does the downloaded title look blurry? The reason might be hidden in your download settings. With some simple tweaks, you can enjoy the high-quality offline Hulu playback on the app without interruption.

On iOS

Step 1In the Hulu app, go to Downloads. Tap Settings.

Step 2Choose Video Quality. Then, you will see two options. Select High.

Adjust Hulu Downloads Video Quality

On Android

Step 1Open Hulu on your Android and tap your Account.

Step 2Go to Settings and find Downloads there.

Step 3Choose Video Quality and select High as your downloads video quality.

Part 2. More Tips about Hulu Offline Playback and Downloads

For Hulu offline playback, the subscription plan is not the only factor. The device you use also matters. Hulu currently allows downloads on mobile devices only, which means you cannot play Hulu offline on a desktop or TV. What's more, Hulu also sets limits on downloaded title numbers, existing periods, etc. Check the details below to find out why your downloaded Hulu titles disappear.

Downloaded Titles Last 2 Days

Hulu's downloaded titles' lasting periods are much shorter than Netflix downloads' lasting time. On the Hulu app, your title will expire in 2 days/48 hours after the first playback. You will see an expiration date on the left corner above your title. If you haven't played the title, your access to it will last for 30 days unless Hulu no longer has it.

Hulu Title Expiration Day

25 Downloads, 5 Supported Devices

At any given time, you can have up to 25 downloads on the Hulu app on five supported mobile devices. These restrictions are set at the account level rather than per profile or device. If you go beyond one of these limits, a pop-up alert will appear with the next steps.

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Part 3. FAQs about Hulu Offline Viewing


Does Hulu offer offline viewing?” Now, this is no longer a question for the post here have given detailed instructions on how to download on Hulu. You can watch downloadable content on Hulu offline easily with the No Ads plan. Plus, the 30-day expiration date on Hulu also gives you sufficient time to enjoy downloaded titles. Share this post to let others know the tips about Hulu downloading.

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