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Top 9 SWF Players Review for Windows 11, macOS, Android, and iOS

author Jess Parry Jan 12, 2024 Category Play Video

SWF file, which stands for Shockwave Flash Movie file, is created by Adobe program. It is an animation file format that can hold interactive text and graphics. This kind of file format is often used in animation production, graphics design, and web game playing.

In 2024, Adobe has officially discontinued supporting Flash. Consequently, many media players extracted SWF-related functionalities. Additionally, some devices like Mac don’t support this file format natively. Therefore, an eagerness for an ideal SWF file player is gradually on the rise.

Luckily, we outlined the nine best SWF players in this article, no matter whether you want to play them on Mac, Windows, or even your mobile devices. Keep reading and discover your best option.

Best SWF Player

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Part 1. Top 5 SWF Players on PC & Mac

Top 1. Blu-ray Player

This Blu-ray Player software is your ultimate answer to play videos on your Windows or Mac computers. The highest definition it supports can reach up to 4K UHD. As for supported file formats, this software can handle more than 500 different multimedia formats, absolutely including SWF files. You can directly import your SWF files with Flash games or Flash videos. And the user-friendly interface design will guide you in watching your SWF videos without hassle. Just click the links below and try it now!

Blu-ray Player Interface
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Blu-ray Player

Can better customize your SWF playback with convenient hotkey controls.

Can play Blu-ray and DVD for PC and Mac region-free.

Can support more than 500 common and uncommon multimedia file formats.

Can speed up the loading process by 3 accelerating decoding technologies.

Top 2. VLC Media Player

As an open-source media player, VLC Media Player has been widely recognized for its free cost and strong compatibility for a long time. This basic player lets you synchronize subtitles for your movies. Or you can adjust the playing chapters easily. Besides the support for DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs, this program supports sites like YouTube. For SWF playing, you need a corresponding SWF codec when using VLC for playing SWF files.

VLC Interface

Top 3. Adobe Flash Player

Because SWF is the creation of Adobe, you can naturally play them with Adobe Flash Player. It’s compatible with multiple platforms, like macOS and Windows computers. It was developed as a plug-in browser to help you play SWF videos, games, and pictures. Moreover, it supports HD videos and 3D graphics. Now, playing SWF files with it, you need “Flash Player projector content debugger” from the official website. This debugger can make your video work all the time, even though web browsers will no longer run Flash.

Adobe Flash Player Interface

Top 4. Elmedia Player

You can directly open SWF media files without converting them using Elmdeia Player. It is compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast so that you can stream your video content on your TV. For audio, you can enable surround virtualization to make you set like in a theater. Furthermore, free ad input will incredibly improve your watching experience. Yet, it is only on Mac. And almost its best features are charged.

Elmedia Player Interface

Top 5. Swiff Player

Swiff Player is a free SWF player. The software allows you to open and play SWF files easily, especially if you are a beginner. It supports various capabilities with full-screen mode. Also, the unique OpenGL hardware accelerated playback mode is provided, users can enjoy viewing Flash movies full screen at maximum frame rate. Well, it looks a little bit old-fashioned.

Swff Player Interface

Part 2. Top 4 SWF Players on Mobile

Top 1. SWF Player for Android

SWF Player for Android is free of charge. It can play SWF files without quality loss with its small and lightweight size. The application can automatically detect SWF files on internal memory or SD card. But make sure your Android device has the plug-in before playing.

SWFPlayer for Android

Top 2. Dolphin Video

Dolphin Video supports a wide range of video formats, including SWF. You can easily control SWF playback in your hands. Meanwhile, you can watch both online and offline videos. However, it is larger than other SWF players for Android devices, which will require much more storage. And it’s not completely free.

Dolphin Video

Top 3. OPlayer Lite

This application is not a dedicated tool for SWF files. But you can still use this to open SWF files directly without converting. It is a wonderful SWF player for Android and iOS. Features like zoom-in will help you see SWF files clearly, and password settings can ensure your privacy. It’s not completely free either. Besides, your playback will be paused if you leave the full screen, this may interrupt someone’s watching feeling.

OPlayer Lite

Top 4. GOM Player

GOM Player is the other excellent SWF player for both Android and iOS. This app supports multiple video formats and helps you manage SWF files by putting them into a folder. It also lets you search for and download the subtitles for videos. All the operations can be done by using keyboard shortcuts.

GOM Player

Part 3. FAQs about SWF Player


SWF is such a special media format from the time and the system requirements aspects. It may be a little bit hard for you to find the best SWF Player. Luckily, we listed ten outstanding player products in the market, no matter whether you want to play the file on a PC, Mac, or your mobile device. Especially, Blu-ray Software highly recommends the one, Blu-ray Player, as the ultimate solution for you. If you still hesitate, click the links below and have a try on your own.

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