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What Channel Is ESPN on DirectTV

ESPN is the world’s most renowned sports channel with the right to broadcast the biggest and most influential sports leagues such as the NBA, NFL, and MLB. The problem of what ESPN channel number is on Direct TV is always the most concerning topic for sports fans. This passage will answer all your questions about ESPN on DirectTV and how to gain a wonderful watching experience of ESPN sports.

What Channel Is ESPN on DirectTV

Guide List

Part 1. What Channel Is ESPN on DirecTV

You can access ESPN on channel 206 on DirecTV. ESPN, an unrivaled global sports media, covering a wide range of unparalleled live events and sports news, enjoys great popularity among worldwide sports fans. There are a range of channels inspired by and closely related to ESPN. The following diagram shows you a detailed channel guide to all ESPN channels on DirecTV so that you can quickly locate your favorite sports, news, teams, and leagues.

Program Channel
ESPN 206, 209-1, 1206
ESPN2 209, 209-2
ESPN News 207
ESPNU 208, 1208
ESPN Deportes 466, 1432
ESPN Classic 614
ESPN College Extra 788-798

Besides Channel 206, the main ESPN channel on DirecTV, there are separate broadcasts on channels 1206 and 209-1. Channel 1206 is for ESPN on Demand while Channel 209-1 is a secondary broadcast of ESPN.

Part 2. What Can You Watch on ESPN

ESPN offers a wide range of sports events, catering to a different audience of sports fans. Below is a list of content types on ESPN.

  • Live Sporting Events, including but not limited to the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, college football, tennis, golf, boxing, etc.
  • Sports News and Analysis: SportsCenter.
  • Original Programming: 30 for 30, E:60.
  • Talk Shows and Analysis: First Take, Around the Horn.
  • Original Series and Specials: SportsNation, ESPN Films.
  • Soccer and International Sports, including the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and various continental championships.
  • Fantasy Sports: Fantasy Football Now.
  • eSports, major esports events and tournaments.

ESPN Plus is a streaming platform from ESPN, offering a huge range of live games from pro sports and college, such as NFL, MLB, NHL, the PGA, rugby, MMA, boxing, cricket, college football, college basketball, etc. Meanwhile, it also offers documentary series and some sports highlights.

However, you can not watch ESPN Plus on traditional cable or satellite TV providers such as DirecTV. If you want to watch sports videos on ESPN Plus on TV or watch videos offline, you can choose to save ESPN Plus videos, films, documentaries, etc. on your own devices.

Then, like most sports fans, as you delve into the amazing world of sports, you may desire a more fantastic watching experience with superb visual effects and automatic control play. Thus, you can choose a Blu-ray Player to elevate your experience in watching ESPN Plus videos. Blu-ray Player from Blu-ray Software can be an excellent tool to enhance your viewing experience.

Enhance Watching Experience with Blu-ray Player from Blu-ray Software

Blu-ray player from Blu-ray Software enables you to enjoy immersive audiovisual playback of ESPN videos, supporting playback for 1080p, 4K UHD, and HEVC without quality loss. It can play over 600 multimedia formats such as MP4, VOB, WAV, SWF, etc. With this player, you can watch ESPN Plus on a computer.

You can follow the detailed instructions to watch ESPN sports videos.

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Free Download

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Step 1Add the video to the player.

Launch the program, and click Open File on the main interface to select your ESPN video. After uploading, the ESPN video can play automatically.

Select ESPN Video to Player

Step 2Make settings.

You can use the Short key to control the playback of ESPN video. It also offers you a playlist that allows you to view the display history, contributing to quickly viewing videos you recently watched. Equipped with DTS and Dolby digital sound technologies, it can deliver excellent sound performance, allowing you to enjoy the original lossless content.

Step 3Enjoy ESPN with ease.

With a concise interface, you can click Play to start watching. You can also use its snapshot feature to capture your impressive moments.

Blu-ray Player from Blu-ray Software allows you to immerse ESPG videos with a sound audiovisual experience, and you can watch region-free videos without regional restrictions.

Part 3. FAQs About ESPN On DirecTV


This article explores the channel number of ESPN on DirecTV and summarizes the content types broadcast of ESPN. ESPN is a dynamic hub for sports lovers, offering diverse sports information from major league games to niche sports. If you desire to watch ESPN videos offline with a sound audiovisual experience, you can choose to watch ESPN on Blu-ray Player.

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Free Download

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