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Top 10 Skateboard Video Sites to Watch Skateboarding Videos Online

author Jess Parry Jul 06, 2023 Category Video

Skateboarding has been a fantastic sport for years. It is fun to see people doing tricks and flips with a small skateboard on the road or in the park. But you can see more amazing skateboard tricks beyond reality. Watch skateboard videos online or even post your own tricks on skateboard websites to share the enjoyment with others globally. Wherever you come from, US, Costa Rico, UK, Spain, or any other region, see the premier skateboarding videos on the 10 best skateboard websites below.

Skateboard Video Sites

Guide List

Part 1. Top 10 Sites to Watch Skateboard Videos Online

  • SakteVideoSite
  • TransWorld SKATEboarding (TWS)
  • YouTube
  • SkateboardingVideos.com
  • Videvo
  • Reddit/Skateboarding
  • Jenkem Magazine
  • SBC Skateboard Magazine
  • The Berrics

All the websites above are consistently uploading the latest amazing skateboard videos. You can always visit and browse for new skateboarding tricks or relevant videos occasionally. Some offer more than just videos. You can also find skateboarding tricks, movies, or other relevant videos. Most importantly, all the websites are free to watch.

1. SkateVideoSite

Website URL (https://www.skatevideosite.com/)

SkateVideoSite is an online video archive that collects multiple videos. You can find hundreds of skateboard videos with all the information, including video creators, categories, locations, and where to watch online.

There are tons of fresh skateboarding videos waiting for you to explore, and you can watch skateboard videos nonstop in this large online archive.

SkateVideoSite Online Skateboard Site


  • Well-classified video categories.
  • A large resource of skateboarding videos.
  • Clean website design.
  • It has a user-friendly video filter.

2. TransWorld SKATEboarding (TWS)

Website URL (https://www.skateboarding.com/)

This is an online e-magazine full of various information, stories, movies, and videos about skateboarding. Not only can you find pro skateboard video compilations on this site, but you can also see articles about the latest skateboard events, how to do fancy skateboarding tricks, skateboard wallpapers, etc. It is heaven for skateboard lovers.

Transworld Skateboarding Website


  • Get motivation from skateboard pros.
  • Learn basic skateboarding tricks or flips.
  • Up-to-date news and reports on the latest skateboarding events.
  • Upload your personal skateboarding photos of the best moments.

3. YouTube

Website URL (https://www.youtube.com/)

Needless to say, YouTube, without any question, is one of the top online sites to watch skateboard videos. As a large online video-sharing and social media platform, YouTube displays all kinds of videos you want, whether it is a movie trailer, fan-made videos/art, documentary, skateboarding tutorials for beginners, etc.

Search Skateboard Videos on YouTube


  • One can easily share or upload pro skateboard videos.
  • Interact with favorite skateboarding videos through comments.
  • Subscribe to skateboarders' channels to get the latest updates.
  • There are always new skateboarding videos.

4. Pexels

Pexels is an online video stock with multiple free videos and pictures to watch, share, and download. There are various high-quality (up to 4K), downloadable skateboard videos, and the videos are free of copyright. Moreover, Pexels allows you to download videos in different sizes.

Watch Skateboard Videos on Pexels


  • Download 4K skateboard videos for free.
  • Organize the favorite skateboard videos in collections.
  • Join Pexels and upload your skateboarding videos.

If you do not know the differences between 4K and physical Blu-ray discs, check this article to learn more about these two terms.

Best Skateboard Video Player to Watch Skateboard Videos Offline

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5. SkateboardingVideos.com

Website URL (http://skateboardingvideos.com/)

SkateboardingVideos.com is an online hub offering high-quality skateboarding content. You can see skateboarding movies and videos from various brand channels, including Baker, Element, Plan B, Supreme, etc. Additionally, subscribing to their newsletter enables you to get notifications on the latest skateboard videos online.

Skateboarding Videos Website


  • Directly watch the video online without directing it to YouTube.
  • A straightforward website menu.
  • Advertise your skateboarding tricks by uploading videos.

6. Videvo

Website URL (https://www.videvo.net/)

Videvo is a free stock video footage site where you can find all kinds of free amazing skateboard videos. There are many 4K skateboarding videos you can download free for commercial and editorial use. Meanwhile, you can find after-effect templates to edit your skateboarding videos before uploading.

Vivedo Skateboard Videos


  • Watch skateboarding videos from 720P to 4K.
  • Download videos without watermarks.
  • Apply the short footage as the video transaction.

7. Reddit/Skateboarding

Website URL (https://www.reddit.com/r/skateboarding/)

As a big online website that contains all kinds of content, Reddit surely gives what you want. If you want to see amazing skateboard videos online, the Skateboarding community has lots of them. There are lots of original videos in the community, and you can also share skateboarding tips and communicate with other skateboarding lovers online.

Reddit Skateboard Community


  • Watch first-hand original skateboarding videos online.
  • Exchange skateboarding ideas with other members.
  • Find videos you have watched before but did not save.

8. Jenkem Magazine

Website URL (https://www.jenkemmag.com/home/)

Jenken Magazine is an online e-magazine containing articles, videos, news, and interviews about skateboarding. It is more than a skateboard video site, but is a comprehensive skateboarding station with many interesting features.

Jenkem Magazine Website


  • Read interesting reviews about relevant events of skateboarding.
  • Find interesting videos from other skateboard lovers.
  • Get premiere videos of skateboarding movies.

9. SBC Skateboard Magazine

Website URL (https://sbcskateboard.com/resources/)

SBC Skateboard Magazine is another digital archive full of free skateboard videos worldwide. You can watch skateboard videos online or upload your skateboarding videos. The magazine also has a paper edition that you can purchase offline to see relevant news on this exciting sport, skateboarding.

SBC Skateboarding Magazine


  • Watch exclusive skateboarding videos online.
  • Buy skateboards from their online skate shop.
  • Get the digital edition of the skateboard magazine online.

10. The Berrics

The Berrics reckons itself as the home for skateboarding. There is no doubt that you can binge watch skateboard videos online on this website.

The website has the latest relevant skateboarding videos and well-classified categories. You can find skateboarding videos based on skaters. Moreover, you can even find skateboarding places in different cities in the US on The Berrics.

The Berrics Online Skateboard Video Site


  • Well-designed and clear webpage.
  • Navigate yourself to different skateboarding series.
  • Watch skateboarding videos supported by big brands.

Part 2. FAQs about Skateboard Video Sites


Next time when you want to find some interesting skateboarding videos to watch or learn skateboarding tricks, open this post and visit the 10 best skateboard video sites. In case you cannot find these sites, add the post to your Favorites collection or share the post with friends to let more skateboarding lovers to know where they can find relevant videos to watch.

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