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What Is Vudu & Things You Want to Know: Price, Service, and More

author Jess Parry Mar 15, 2024 Category Knowledge

There are many great video streaming platforms and digital video stores today, and Vudu is one of the most popular of them. So, what is Vudu? Does this platform have other features besides streaming and purchasing movies and TV shows? The article will tell you that and more things you may want to know about Vudu.

What is Vudu

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Part 1. What You Should Know about Vudu

What is Vudu?

Developed by a joint venture, Fandango Media, and then acquired by Walmart, Vudu offers video streaming as well as digital video and purchasing services. Vudu was originally known as Vudu Box, which enables people to purchase HD content for their own use for the first time. Then, the company Fandango Media decided to focus on digital content sales and delivery, so Vudu came into play. Vudu delivers free and paid movies, TV shows, and other content that you don't need to pay monthly. Vudu also offers Vudu disc to digital service so you can get a digital version of your disc to watch movies without using discs. Besides that, you can use Vudu for PlayStation and Xbox game consoles.

How much is Vudu?

Vudu allows you to rent its content for 24 hours once you begin watching or buy it outright so you can watch it any time you want. If you don't want to pay for the content, you can also choose to watch an advertisement to get a free viewing experience. You can even pay to transfer your Vudu disc to a digital version so that you can watch it anywhere you go. So, how much does the Vudu service cost? Let's have a simple look at it.

Plan Price
Rental service for movies Around $1.99 to $5.99.
Purchasing service for movies Around $4.99 to $24.99.
Purchasing service for TV shows Around $1.99 to $2.99 per episode; around $16.99 to $43.99 per season
DVD to SD $2/conversion
DVD to HDX $5/conversion
Blu-ray to HDX $2/conversion

Furthermore, the price might be higher if you want to rent movies that are still in theaters.

How to use Vudu?

In this section, we will answer the 3 most common problems encountered by users.

1. Activate Vudu on smart TV

Besides watching movies in the Vudu app on streaming devices like Apple TV, you can also enjoy up to 4k UHD video in the app on smart TVs, including Hisense, LG, Roku, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Vizio, and Xumo TV. Here are some steps for you.

Step 1Enter the Vudu application on your smart TV.

Step 2Type in the email address and password you used to log in to Vudu on the log-in screen. Create an account through your email address if you have no account.

Step 3Then, you can access Vude content on your smart TV.

2. log out of Vudu on all devices

Some devices on which you use the Vudu app may not have a log-out feature, like a Blu-ray disc player. So, how to log out of Vudu on devices like that? Here are the steps for you.

Step 1Go to Vudu's official website and click Sign In in the menu bar.

Sign in Vudu

Step 2Input your email address and password to sign in.

Email Address and Password

Step 3Select Manage Devices from My Account.

Manage Devices

Step 4Then, click the Deactivate Device button to log out of Vudu.

Deactivate Devices

3. convert Vudu disc to digital

Redeeming your Vudu collections allows you to watch movies without using discs. Here are some steps to help you do that.

Step 1To get a digital version, you must know the redemption code, which is the 16-digit number and letter code and can be found inside the Blu-ray or DVD package.

Step 2Go to Vudu's official website and click Redeem in the menu bar to choose Promo Code.

Redeem on Vudu

Step 3Type in the redemption code you get and click Submit to get your digital copy.

Input Redemption Code

Note that this service is only available in the U.S. and Mexico. It also has a limited Vudu disc to digital list, which means you can't convert all DVDs on Vudu. You can also try other useful software to convert your Blu-ray/DVD to digital.

CinemaNow vs Vudu

Like Vudu, CinemaNow is another on-demand streaming service that enables you to watch movies and TV shows. They all allow you to rent or purchase the video content and support stream through PS3 and PS4. Vudu offers more content and prices that are more affordable than CinemaNow. However, Vudu is available in the U.S., while CinemaNow can be accessed in the U.S. and Canada.

Part 2. Play Movies Using Blu-ray Player

After getting movies from Vudu, you can use a player to play it on your computer. A great player is an essential part of enjoying your movies if you have a high demand for video playback quality. Here, I recommend the Blu-ray Player.

Blu-ray Player is a powerful region-free player on PC and Mac. Besides common video formats, you can also use it to play your Blu-ray discs and DVDs with no limitations. This player is easy to use and can meet almost all your demands.

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Use convenient shortcuts to control your playback efficiently.

Support 1080p, 4K UHD, and H.265 video playback losslessly.

Here are the steps to use Blu-ray Player.

Step 1Launch the Blu-ray Player on your computer after downloading and installing it.

Blu-ray Player Interface

Step 2Click the Open File button in the middle of the page or select File in the menu bar to upload your file.

Open File

Step 3Then, the player will automatically play your movies.

Play Video

If you want to know other powerful region-free players, check this article.

Part 3. FAQs about Vudu


Now, you must know the basic information about Vudu and its price. You can also try the methods recommended in the article to convert your Vudu disc to digital or activate Vudu on a smart TV. To enjoy your digital movies better, you can use the Blu-ray Player, which will give you a great viewing experience.

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