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A Comprehensive Review on Non-Cinavia Blu-ray Players

author Jess Parry Dec 22, 2023 Category Play Blu-ray

Have you ever been bothered by sudden sound loss when watching movies? If you explore the possible causes, one of the most common reasons is Cinavia, a copy protection that prevents you from playing personal backups. In this article, we will introduce you to 3 Blu-ray players we have reviewed that can help you bypass them. If you are looking for Blu-ray players without Cinavia, keep reading. Hopefully, you can find one that suits your needs.

Blu-ray Players Without Cinavia

Guide List

Part 1. 3 Best Blu-ray Players Without Cinavia

Cinavia, a watermarking system included in many Blu-rays and a few DVDs, has been mandatory for Blu-ray players since 2012. It is designed to protect content owners against privacy by preventing the release of new movies recorded in theatres for personal use or on the Internet. Not all players have their firmware updated or even have a Cinavia detector installed, and we recommend 3 Blu-ray players that are approved without Cinavia. None of the three players contain a Cinavia detector and support the playback of copies of Cinavia-protected discs.

Blu-ray Player from Blu-ray Software

If you have personal backup movies or want to watch hit movies through a non-theatrical channel without the interference of Cinavia, you can resort to the potent Blu-ray player from Blu-ray Software, a one-stop solution that allows you to play movies without limitations. It is a region-free Blu-ray and DVD player available for PC and Mac, and supports more than 600 multimedia formats playback, including common and uncommon, serving as a Blu-ray player without Cinavia. You can follow the step-by-step instructions to play any kind of movie without worrying about suddenly being annoyed and stopping watching.

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Step 1Connect a Blu-ray drive to your computer.

Insert the Blu-ray disc into a drive, connect the drive to your computer, and then launch the program. Once detected, the program can automatically load your disc. You can also click on the Open File or Open Disc button on the main interface to select your desired movie.

Open Blu-ray Disc Button

Step 2Make settings.

You can customize the interface and playback settings based on your preference. You can select an audio track, audio device, or stereo mode on the top menu bar. The player is equipped with a playlist that can present detailed information on the recent Blu-ray or DVD playlist, allowing you to select chapters of your movies. You can also use Short key to control the process of the playback and adjust the play order as you like.

Blu-ray Player Menu and Playlist

Step 3Watch Blu-ray with ease.

After everything is settled, click Play to start watching. You can jump to any titles or chapters you want in the Playlist.

Blu-ray Player Without Cinavia

Blu-ray Player from Blu-ray Software is a powerful tool that can deliver you a smooth playback of any Blu-ray disc without interruption. It is a highly recommended tool worth trying.

Sony BDPS5500

Sony BDPS5500 serves as a Blu-ray player allowing you to play and enjoy a broader spectrum of content without interruptions. If you are interested in Blu-ray players available on the market, you can view a comprehensive hardware and software review about multi-disc Blu-ray players.

Sony Player Without Cinavia
It supports Cinavia-free playback. Sony BDPS5500 omits the Cinavia technology, ensuring you can play any kind of movie without interruptions.
It supports full HD resolution and guarantees a visually immersive experience with crisp and detailed visuals.
It has strong streaming capabilities, allowing you to access streaming services like Netflix and YouTube directly from the Blu-ray player.
It doesn’t support 4K play, which may be a disappointing drawback for one who desires to have an excellent visual effect.

Panasonic DMP-BD55

The Panasonic DMP-BD55 is another powerful Blu-ray player with the liberation of Cinavia technology. Combined with its great performance, the Panasonic DMP-BD55 delivers an impressive audio-visual experience, ensuring you enjoy your favorite movies without hindrances. Here are also more portable players you can view.

Panasonic Player Without Cinavia
It supports Cinavia-free playback. Similar to the Sony BDPS5500, the Panasonic DMP-BD55 also ensures smooth playback, providing you with the freedom to enjoy their movie collections without interruptions.
It trumps with its high-quality audio. With support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, this player delivers immersive and high-fidelity sound.
It has an SD Card Slot. It includes an SD card slot that allows you to view photos and videos directly from the camera’s memory card.
It does not support 3D playback. For those of you who are interested in 3D visual experience, the absence of 3D playback capability may be considered a limitation.
It has limited streaming options. Although it supports BD-Live, the DMP-BD55 may lack the extensive streaming application library found in newer models.

In conclusion, the Sony BDPS5500 and Panasonic DMP-BD55 present movie fans with the opportunity to break free from Cinavia constraints, providing an enhanced and unhindered Blu-ray viewing experience. By learning about the features, pros, and cons of each player with the removal of Cinavia technology, you can fully unlock the potential of your home entertainment systems.

Part 2. FAQs About Blu-ray Players Without Cinavia


With the above detailed and comprehensive explanation, we hope you are now quite clear about what Cinavia is and the solutions we can adopt to address Cinavia watermarking on Blu-rays with the best results. Don’t worry when you encounter any error prompt preventing you from playing back Blu-rays or muting the playback suddenly. Finding Cinavia-free Blu-ray players and removing Cinavia protection from Blu-rays are highly recommended and effective methods to solve the Cinavia issue here. The choice of Cinavia-free Blu-ray players has turned out to be an effective Cinavia-free solution and requires no further efforts to resolve Cinavia protection. If this passage is helpful for you, feel free to share it with your friends, and if you have other recommendations about Blu-ray Players without Cinavia, we look forward to receiving your comments.

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