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The Ultimate Guide to Portable Blu-ray Players: Reviews and Comparison

author Jess Parry Aug 25, 2023 Category Play Blu-ray

Although streaming services dominate the film industry, there is still something charming about the physical media, like DVDs and Blu-rays. You might prefer buying a physical disc for your favorite movie or simply for a collection. For movie enthusiasts who want to enjoy these collections on TV or on the go, a portable Blu-ray player offers the perfect solution. Whether you are planning a road trip, a long flight, or simply all by yourself at home, a portable Blu-ray player can provide you with high-quality audio and video entertainment without relying on an internet connection. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the top 8 portable players on the market, diving into their features, pros and cons, and more. Move on and get ready to elevate your entertainment experience to a new level.

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Part 1. Review Top 8 Portable Blu-ray Players

Before delving into the detailed reviews, let's take a quick look at a comparison chart highlighting the key features of the 8 best portable Blu-ray players.

Brand Screen Size Resolution Battery Life Price Range
Sony 9 inches 1080p Up to 4.5 hrs $224.99 to $694.50
Proscan 13.3 inches 1080p Up to 5 hrs $191.10 to $316.42
NAVISKAUTO 17.5 inches 1080p Up to 4 hrs $255.84 to $299.99
WONNIE 16.9 inches 1080p Up to 6 hrs $299.98
DID A R Super mini 1080p Up to 4 hrs $99.98 to $132.51
FANGOR F-BR114 13.3 inches 1080p Up to 5 hrs $214.99 to $250
FANGOR B0BRXWLJ5G 10.5 inches 1080p Up to 4 hrs $249.99
SYLVANIA 12 inches 1080p Up to 5 hrs $119 to $139

In this section, we will take a closer look at each of the top 8 portable Blu-ray players, providing a brief overview of their main features, along with their pros and cons. We will then review these players based on key aspects such as audio and video output quality, price, battery life, and compatibility with discs and TVs.

Top 1. Sony BDPSX910 - 9 Inches Wireless Widescreen LCD Player

Though this Sony portable Blu-ray player is very expensive, priced at $376, it has high-resolution support and up to 4.5 hours battery life. You can flip the screen and swivel it to 180 degrees. Meanwhile, this player comes with a full pack containing a car charger, AC adapter, and remote control, ensuring that you will have an excellent and convenient playback experience on the go.

Sony Portable Blu-ray Player
A lightweight, portable disc player suitable for traveling.
Intuitive and convenient operational touch keys.
Supports multiple-format disc playback.
Small-sized screen.
Expensive price.
An old model.

Top 2. Proscan PDVD1336-B

The Proscan portable Blu-ray player brings a 13.3-inch screen to the table, offering a captivating visual experience with its 1080p resolution. The competitive pricing makes it an attractive option for those seeking a larger screen without breaking the bank. With up to 5 hours of battery life, it ensures your entertainment doesn't come to a halt during extended journeys. However, it's worth noting that the user interface design might feel a bit outdated, and its larger screen size could affect its portability for some users.

Proscan Portable Blu-ray Player
Crisp 1080p resolution.
Generous 13.3-inch screen.
Competitive pricing.
Supports Blu-ray, DVD, and CD.
Dated interface design.
Moderate portability due to the screen size.


NAVISKAUTO presents a portable Blu-ray player featuring a 17.5-inch screen that swivels, allowing for flexible viewing angles. This compact player is easy on the wallet and offers up to 4 hours of battery life, suitable for shorter trips. Its size offers an immersive viewing experience but might not be the most suitable one for carrying around.

Naviskauto PB1305B
Supports Dolby & DTS surround sound.
Built-in USB port and SD/MMC card slot.
Connect to your mobile to play.
Low stock on the market.
Supports region-A Blu-ray only.

Top 4. WONNIE W-BR146

The WONNIE portable Blu-ray disc player takes the cinematic experience on the road with its impressive 16.9-inch screen and 1080p resolution. It boasts an extended 6-hour battery life, making it ideal for long travels. While its competitive price is a strong point, the larger screen size could impact its portability, and potential buyers should ensure it fits comfortably in their intended space.

Wonnie Portable Blu-ray Player
Immersive 16.9-inch display.
Impressive 1080p visuals.
Extended 6-hour battery life.
Convenient last memory function.
Bulkier due to larger screen.
It does not include a car headrest holder.

Top 5. DiDar - Super Mini Blu-ray Disc Player for TV

For those seeking a balance between size and functionality, the DiDar Super Mini is worth considering. Its compact design is perfect for saving space, and it offers decent 1080p visuals. However, its trade-off is a shorter 4-hour battery life. Considering it does not have a screen, the price range is relatively higher than its peers. But if you want a wider media format support, this player is still an ideal choice, for you can use it as a disc player or a HEVC player, etc. This player is tailored for travelers who prioritize space efficiency and are willing to sacrifice the built-in screen.

DiDar Portable Blu-ray Player
Built-in PAL/NTSC.
Compatible with RCA, USB, and HDMI connections.
Its weight is only 2.22 pounds.
Shorter 4-hour battery life.
Sacrificed screen size.
Requires an external monitor/screen to watch the movie.
Some users complained about its sustainability.

Top 6. FANGOR ‎F-BR114

FANGOR's 13.3-inch portable Blu-ray player offers a blend of impressive visuals and affordability. With a competitive price point and up to 5 hours of battery life, it's a solid choice for movie enthusiasts. The device's audio and video quality contribute to an immersive experience, though some users might find the device design less intuitive or convenient.

Fangor Portable Blu-ray Player
Comfortable screen size.
Commendable audio and video output.
The user interface could be more intuitive.


Another FANGOR Blu-ray player. FANGOR's 10.5-inch portable Blu-ray player offers a compact design without sacrificing too much screen real estate. Its affordability and up to 4 hours of battery life cater to casual users. The player's compatibility with various media formats and external devices adds versatility, although users with a preference for larger screens might find it less immersive.

Fangor B0BRXWLJ5G Portable Blu-ray Player
Balance of compactness and screen size.
Versatile compatibility.
Limited digital media support (MP3 and MP4).


SYLVANIA's 12-inch portable Blu-ray player combines high-quality visuals with an extended 5-hour battery life. Its moderate price range and compatibility with various disc types make it a practical choice, and you can even use it to play 3D Blu-ray. The player's sturdy build and reliability are key strengths, although potential buyers should consider if the design aligns with their aesthetic preferences.

Sylvania Portable Blu-ray Player
Powerful connectivity for USB, Stereo Audio L/R RCA, HDMI, USB-C.
A region-free Blu-ray player.
It will make a loud sound when reading the disc.

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Part 2. FAQs about Portable Blu-ray Player


The physical portable Blu-ray disc players still hold their ground in today's digital world, offering a tangible and reliable way to enjoy your favorite movies and shows. Whether you're hitting the road or simply looking for a way to enjoy high-quality content without an internet connection, these portable players cater to various preferences and budgets. From larger screens for immersive experiences to compact options for easy travel, the market offers a diverse range of choices. By considering factors like audio and video quality, battery life, compatibility, and price.

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