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A Simple Guide to Convert BDMV Folder to MKV on Computer

author Jess Parry Jul 11, 2023 Category Rip Blu-ray

BDMV file is a standard used by Blu-ray discs. Since it is related to Blu-rays, BDMV also delivers high-quality video and audio. But not all players support playing the Blu-ray BDMV folder. If your default player on the computer cannot open the BDMV files, you can make it play by converting the BDMV to MKV format. Conversion saves you the trouble of finding a suitable and decent player, and it also makes sharing much easier. You can send the digital MKV video anytime you want without restrictions. To rip BDMV successfully, Blu-ray Riper, HandBrake, and MakeMKV are three essential tools you need.


Guide List

HandBrake Advanced control over video/audio parameters, presets for different devices, and chapter customization.
Blu-ray Ripper Efficiency, 4K output, no learning curves, multiple presets of different formats and devices, a built-in editor, full preview, and extra functionality of the toolbox.
MakeMKV Lossless MKV output and encrypted Blu-ray disc support.

Part 1. A Brief Background Knowledge of BDMV File

What is a BDMV file? BDMV is a Blu-ray video format that has menu support. BDMV contains information about the Blu-ray disc, while the audio, video, and other streams are stored in the BDAV container. BDMV file has the bdmv file extension and several variations. You can find index.bdmv, sound.bdmv, and movieobject.bdmv in a BDMV folder of the Blu-ray.

By converting BDMV to MKV, you can preserve the full information and structure of the source file. Meanwhile, MKV is capable of storing high-quality media. Follow the lead here and get a lossless MKV video on the computer.

Part 2. 3 Methods to Convert BDMV Folder to MKV

To successfully convert BDMV to MKV, follow the step-by-step guide of the following three best converters. If you want to use the most efficient solution and get more output options beyond MKV, jump to Blu-ray Ripper directly and get the easiest method.


HandBrake is an open-source, free program that can easily change video and audio encoders. Hence, it is a convenient BDMV to MKV converter. The presets inside of HandBrake are designed for different devices, such as Android, Apple, Chromecast, PlayStation, etc.

HandBrake Main Interface

Main Features

  • Batch scanning and batch conversion.
  • Live preview of 240 seconds without actual encoding of the file.
  • Convert the BDMV file by chapters, frames, or seconds.

Step 1Install the HandBrake from its official website. Launch it afterward. Then, click the Folder (Batch Scan) button on the left. Choose the BDMV folder and import it.

HandBrake Folder Batch Scan Button

Step 2If you have several titles in the BDMV folder, get a BDMV player to preview them to decide which one you want to rip to MKV. After that, click the Title dropdown list and choose a title. Meanwhile, you can choose a ripping range based on chapters.

Choose a Title to Rip in HandBrake

Step 3From the Preset select list, you can choose a ripping preset. For example, if you want to play the MKV file on iPhone after ripping, you can select an Apple preset under the Device.

Ripping Presets in HandBrake

Step 4Select MKV from the Format dropdown list as the output format. Next, click the Browse button at the bottom to choose a destination folder. After that, click the Start Encode button to rip BDMV to MKV.

Start Converting BDMV Folder to MKV in HandBrake

Blu-ray Ripper

Unlike HandBrake, which offers limited output choices (MP4, MKV, and WebM), Blu-ray Ripper rips the BDMV to MKV, MOV, AVI, MP4, MP3, and other 500 formats in one click. Blu-ray Software strongly recommends this ripping software for its diverse choice and customization. The built-in editor lets one add an image/text watermark to any Blu-ray title in a BDMV folder. Additionally, you can split or crop the video length or size. Meanwhile, the program is also cross-platform, and you can convert BDMV to MKV on Mac and Windows.

Following are more features of this powerful ripping tool.

Blu-ray Ripper
Blu-ray Ripper

One-click conversion of BDMV to lossless MKV.

Preview all titles and full content in the BDMV folder.

Replace audio and subtitle tracks with new ones.

Support hardware acceleration for 30 times quicker conversion.

Convert all or selected titles to MKV simultaneously.

Step 1Import the BDMV Folder

Click the download button above and get a free download of this powerful tool. Install and launch it afterward. To import the BDMV folder, drag and drop the folder to the main interface.

Drag the BDMV Folder to Blu-ray Ripper

Step 2Select MKV Format

Next, click the Rip All to dropdown list and choose the Video tab. Then, click the Lossless button to see the MKV Lossless option on the right. Select it as the output format.

MKV Lossless Option

Step 3Browse for A Destination Folder

In the Save to dropdown menu, click the Browse and Select Folder button. Set up a folder as the destination.

Browse and Select Destination Folder

Step 4Rip All to MKV

You can click the checkbox before the Merge into one file option. Then, you will get only one MKV video with all the titles' content. After that, click the Rip All button to convert BDMV to MKV.

Rip BDMV to MKV in Blu-ray Ripper


If you choose the MKV Lossless option as the output format, then you cannot merge all titles into one MKV file during ripping. Meanwhile, you cannot edit the titles either when choosing the lossless output. However, the 'same as source' option can also preserve your original quality to the most extent while ripping the BDMV Blu-ray file to MP4, MKV, MOV, or any other format.


MakeMKV is a prominent program that converts any disc to MKV format losslessly. That also includes BDMV to MKV. You can add a custom Java executable location to the program to remove protections in MakeMKV and convert Blu-ray to MKV even when the disc has copy protection.

All these features are available in the beta version for free for years. However, MakeMKV does not offer a preview feature, which means you must check all titles in a BDMV player in advance.

MakeMKV Mac Interface

Main Features

  • Automatically identify the optical drive when launching.
  • Get a lossless MKV file from the BDMV folder, ISO file, or disc.
  • MakeMKV can act as a decryption engine for third-party programs.

Step 1Go to makemkv.com and download this MKV converter for free. On your computer, launch MakeMKV and click the File button. Then, click the Open Files button. Import the BDMV folder.

Import BDMV Folder to MakeMKV

Step 2After importing, select a title for ripping or select all. Then, you can select a folder by clicking the Set Output Folder button.

Select an Output Folder in MakeMKV

Step 3Next, click the Make MKV button and start converting the BDMV folder to MKV in MakeMKV.

Click the MakeMKV Button to Convert

Part 3. FAQs about BDMV to MKV


That's all for all the steps and tools for converting the BDMV folder to MKV. Luckily, all three methods above support Windows and Mac. Hence, whichever system you use, follow the guide above to get a lossless MKV video and make the BDMV more compatible. If you want more choices with the output formats except for MKV, Blu-ray Ripper is definitely the best choice. Try it for free with the download link here.

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