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Rip Blu-ray in VLC Media Player with 4 Steps

author Jess Parry Jul 03, 2023 Category Rip Blu-ray

Can VLC rip Blu-ray? Yes. The powerful player can rip Blu-ray and DVDs. Then, why do most people fail to do so in the VLC media player or cannot get the full movie after ripping? All these happen because of the Blu-ray copy protection. You might already know the reason, but few know how to bypass it. This tutorial gives you complete steps of perfectly ripping the Blu-ray movie using VLC on the computer.

Can VLC rip Blu-ray

Guide List

Part 1. Why VLC Fails Ripping Blu-ray

By default, VLC rips Blu-ray and DVDs that have no copy protection. If you rip commercial discs in VLC, it will fail. Other possible reasons that cause the ripping failure in VLC include outdated VLC programs and broken Blu-ray discs.

The former is easy to fix. You can update the VLC to the latest version. Then, check if it can successfully rip the Blu-ray after updating.

As for the later issue, if your disc is broken, replacing it with a new one is the easiest way to fix the issue. You can also check the drive or the player you use to see if it has trouble reading the disc.

VLC Fails to Rips Blu-ray

Part 2. How to Rip Blu-ray with VLC (No Error)

To fix the commercial Blu-ray disc ripping issue in VLC, you can download the missing AACS keys for VLC, enabling VLC to bypass the protection and rip the Blu-ray successfully.

You can get a free download of the necessary keys on the website https://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/. After downloading, turn to the following article to see how to use the files in VLC and make them work.

Aacs Keys Downloading Webpage

Once the AACS key files are downloaded, you can use VLC to rip Blu-ray for the full movie. You will not see the following errors, such as no valid processing key found in the AACS config file, this Blu-ray disc needs an AACS decoding…, etc. Then, you can move on to see the ripping steps here to rip Blu-ray with the VLC media player.

Step 1Insert A Blu-ray Disc

Connect the drive to your computer, insert the Blu-ray disc into the drive, and launch VLC on your computer. Click the Media button. Next, click the Open Disc button. Alternatively, pressing Ctrl and D keys also work.

Open Disc in VLC

Step 2Choose Blu-ray

In the new window, choose Blu-ray and click the Browse button to import the Blu-ray. Set up the starting position of the ripping with the spinner below. If you are unsure which title to start with, go back and play the Blu-ray in VLC.

Browse for Blu-ray in VLC

Step 3Select An Output Profile

Click the pulldown menu to select Convert. You can see the built-in profiles by clicking the Profile pulldown menu, including MP4, OGG, WebM, and video profiles for different devices.

Select an Output Profile in VLC

Step 4Browse for Destination and Start Ripping

Once you choose an output profile, click the Browse button below to choose a folder as the destination. You must also name the output file and include the file extension. Click the Save button to confirm.

Set Up Destination

After that, click the Start button to rip the Blu-ray in VLC for the full movie. You can see the ripping progress at the top of the VLC window.

VLC Rips Blu-ray and Progress


Seeing a multi-media player can do so many things beyond playing movies is excellent. However, VLC, as a converting tool, also has disadvantages. To thoroughly review whether VLC is a good Blu-ray converter, here are its more pros and cons.

Efficient Blu-ray ripping progress.
Sufficient and useful output format profiles.
The ripping status is not obvious.
Ripping with disc menus in VLC can cause errors.
Preview and ripping cannot happen simultaneously.
It takes extra effort to let VLC rip Blu-ray with protection.

Rip Blu-ray with VLC Alternative Without Errors

If you want to preserve the disc menu when ripping Blu-ray, there is a better choice than VLC. Besides, it's troublesome to download the extra keys for the VLC to rip the Blu-ray entirely. As one of the best VLC alternatives, Blu-ray Ripper rips Blu-ray without trouble or complex configurations. It even has more profiles than VLC and allows one to preview each title in the Blu-ray while ripping.

Blu-ray Ripper
Blu-ray Ripper

Convert Blu-ray and DVDs at a fast speed.

The built-in editor can crop and trim Blu-ray video.

Preview the entire movie, opening, and bonus track on the Blu-ray.

Rip and merge all titles into one video.

500+ video, audio, and device format profiles.

Step 1Download the alternative ripper via the button above. Insert the Blu-ray disc into the drive. Launch this ripper on the computer. Click the Load Blu-ray Disc button to import the Blu-ray.

Load Blu-ray Disc in the Blu-ray Ripper

Step 2Choose an output format from the Rip All to Pulldown menu. For example, MP4 is an excellent choice, compatible with all devices.

Choose an Output Format in Blu-ray Ripper

Step 3Next, select a folder to store the ripped Blu-ray. Click the Browse and Select Folder button. Then, choose a folder as the destination. After that, click the Rip All button to rip the Blu-ray.

Browse for Destination and Rip Blu-ray for iTunes

Part 3. FAQs about VLC Rips Blu-ray


It is possible to successfully rip Blu-ray in VLC and get a whole movie with all chapters and information you want. Unfortunately, the progress to make this happen is not effortless. You must download and install a few plugins to make the VLC ripping feature work for your Blu-ray discs. If you prefer a painless way, Blu-ray Software would highly recommend the Blu-ray Ripper, a more accessible alternative to VLC that can easily rip any Blu-ray. Click the buttons below to download it for free and try it.

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